Halliday House (Museum)

Halliday House (Museum)

Bayswater's own city history museum.
Halliday House Halliday House

Halliday House,
114 King William Street, Bayswater. 

Halliday House is an officially listed Heritage building and the headquarters of the Bayswater Historical Society. The Society is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to preserving, protecting and promoting the history of Bayswater. Halliday House is a community resource, heritage centre and museum.  This 1890s home contains artefacts including photographs and memorabilia from the early part of the century of the people, events and places of Bayswater.

Halliday House is open to the public from 1pm to 4pm every fourth Sunday of the month from February to November.

For more information, please contact the Bayswater Historical Society using the Contact Form.


Heritage significance

Halliday House is included on the City's Municipal Heritage list and is a Category 1 Heritage Location. 

It was built in 1892 by Henry Thomas Halliday, the timber used was transported by rail from Fremantle to Bayswater, where it was taken by a horse drawn cart to the building site. It is likely the bricks used in the building were from one of the local manufacturers, as brickworks were already established in the area. Most of the buildings built in Bayswater during this period were constructed out of corrugated iron or timber weatherboard, with a only a few homes built using brick.

On 29 September 1992, the City of Bayswater purchased Halliday House in order to preserve the site due to it's significance to the history and heritage of our community.  Later, the City called for expressions of interest from individuals and community groups interested in using Halliday House. The successful applicant was the Bayswater Historical Society, who opened Halliday House as a museum to the public in 1993.               

More information on the significance of Halliday House can be found on the Municipal Heritage Inventory page.

Bayswater remembers

The Honour Roll of the Bayswater Roads Board, located at the Bedford R.S.L Club, lists the names of 249 Bayswater men who served in World War One.  The Bayswater Historical Society has committed to researching and collecting as much information as possible, using information available from the National Archive records.

If you have a Bayswater ancestor in your family we would love to hear from you!

A full list of the names is available by checking the links below or by emailing the Bayswater Historical Society via bayswaterhs@gmail.com

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