Local Stimulus Package

At a Special Council Meeting held on Tuesday 5 May, Council adopted a $5.09 million local economic and social stimulus package aimed at fast tracking major projects, generating local employment and supporting community organisations to recover from the COVID-19 crisis.


"This stimulus package precedes the adoption of our 2020/21 Budget and is on top a number of initiatives Council has already adopted to support the community including waiving rental payments owed by 70 of its community leaseholders for six months, not charging interest on late rate payments until June and offering ‘Buy in Baysie’ local business grants to support businesses to move online."


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$3.15M towards kick starting major projects

As part of the stimulus package the City will has committed $3.15 million towards kick starting major projects that have already been given the green light by Council.

This includes:

  • $1.5 million towards works at Bayswater Waves 
  • $850,000 at the Noranda netball courts over and above the $500,000 that is available in the current budget
  • $600,000 for Morley Sport and Recreation Centre
  • $200,000 for Maylands Waterland to undertake the detailed design work needed to progress with major upgrades to the facilities

Commencing these projects now not only gives us a head start but provides certainty for staff and work for local contractors. 

Maylands Waterland

In March 2020 Council approved draft concept plans for the redevelopment of Maylands Waterland. The plans were based on feedback from the community and input from the Maylands Waterland Working Group.

The City subsequently engaged renowned landscape architect, Dr Josh Byrne, and his team at Josh Byrne & Associates to develop more detailed concept plans. The concepts are set to transform the facility into a family-friendly water park accessible to the entire community.

The redevelopment of the much loved Maylands Waterland will see water play areas inspired by local native flora and fauna, to capture the essence of the original Maylands Waterland, whilst keeping with local character and local environmental sensitivities

Maylands Waterland will be redeveloped in two stages. It is anticipated stage one will be completed and open for the community to use by November 2021.

Dr Josh Byrnes will be presenting the concept plants to the community first hand on Saturday 29 August or Wednesday 2 September.  To register your interest to attend a session, or for more information about the project, visit our Engage Bayswater website here.

Morley Sport and Recreation Centre

The City’s concept plan for phase one, approved in September 2019, includes two new indoor basketball courts built to State League standards, scheduled to support the development of local junior basketball from early 2021.

Phase two, subject to funding, is set to include seating for at least 300 spectators, additional toilets and change rooms. Rugby pitches and the play spaces outside the centre will be upgraded as part of a separate project.

Noranda Netball Courts

The City has been working with Noranda Netball Association to schedule works for commencement after the winter netball season comes to a close in October 2020.

Plans include the stripping and reconstruction to the sub-surfaces of all 16 netball courts, and application of new top-coating ensuring safe and effective play in line with Netball WA standards. The courts will also receive new flood lighting and fencing, maximising teams’ ability to make the most of this fantastic community space.

$286,762 to progress capital works projects

As part of the stimulus package the City will also immediately progress with $286,762 of capital projects to support local community groups.

We appreciate the devastating affect restrictions, put in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19, have had on our community groups and clubs and have already waived rental payments for community leaseholders for the next six months. 

Under normal circumstances community groups would be required to contribute towards upgrades to access the City’s Community Capital Grant Funding. As part of the stimulus package, the City will now foot the entire bill for 20 projects due to be funded.

Upgrades such as the refurbishment of change room facilities at the Lightning Park Recreation Centre and installation of a shaded grandstand at the Bayswater Tennis Club are aimed at helping clubs navigate the current crisis and will allow us to employ local contractors and suppliers. It will also mean members will be able to enjoy upgraded facilities once restrictions are lifted.  

Upgrades include:

  • Bayswater Bowling Club - new external doors
  • Bayswater Library - lift
  • Works Depot - roof replacement
  • Maylands Library - workroom upgrades
  • Morley Noranda Sporting Complex - roof replacement
  • Morley Scout Hall - new external doors and furniture
  • Roxy Theatre - repaint
  • Bedford Bowling Club - new footpaths
  • Riverside Gardens - repaint toilet block
  • Hinds Reserve Pavilion - external repaint
  • Light Car Club - tiling
  • Lower Hillcrest Clubrooms - new carpets
  • Noranda Netball Centre - repaint
$1.3M towards infrastructure projects

The stimulus package also brings forward $1.3 million worth of infrastructure projects including:

  • $400,000 for new footpaths and maintenance of our existing ones
  • $200,000 for road resurfacing,
  • $400,000 for improvements to our parks
  • $200,000 in town centre streetscape improvements, 
  • $100,000 for additional and replacement lighting in public spaces. 

New footpaths

  • Benara Road near Holden Drive
  • Benara Road from McGilvray Avenue to Millerick Way
  • Camboon Road from Widgee Road to Smeed Street
  • Crimea Road near Walmsley Drive

Park upgrades

Town Centre streetscape improvements

  • New signage at the corner of King William Street and Olfe Street to promote City and community events
  • A contribution towards the painting of shopfronts in Bayswater town centre
  • Shade structure for Bert Wright Park in Bayswater
  • Improvements to the space outside The RISE in Maylands
  • Pocket park outside Morley Library
  • Upgrades to Noranda Nook in the Noranda town centre 
  • New signage and improvements to public spaces in Noranda town centre


$200,000 to upgrade City facilities

The community will directly benefit from $200,000 provided in the stimulus package to upgrade City facilities. The funds will go towards painting, replacing carpets and air conditioners at facilities.

The funds will enable us to put our local contractors to work in sprucing up some of the City’s facilities so they are all ready for the community to use once restrictions are lifted. 

$150,000 towards renewable energy projects

The City will also use $150,000 from the stimulus package to install renewable energy such as LEDS and solar panels across community facilities. This is in line with our renewable energy targets and will provide cost benefits in the longer term. 

What else are we doing?

Council has also opted to cut planning fees by at least 50 percent to encourage investment in the City and remove fees entirely on applications to operate a business from home, food trucks and change of use (such as the conversion of a vacant building to support a new business). 


Home and Property


In approving the $5.09 million local stimulus package Council took one step further, requesting the CEO, Andrew Brien, develop a package aimed specifically at supporting business investment and growth across the City.  

The City has already implemented a number of support avenues for local businesses.

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