Dog Exercise Areas

We have more than 40 places in the City of Bayswater designated as off-lead dog exercise areas. 

While your dog is enjoying its exercise, please ensure you have them under control and that they are not causing issues for other people in the area. Please put your dog back on their lead when you are within 20 metres of a playground or 5 metres of a carpark.  

In all other public areas, dogs are required to be on lead.

Guidelines for Dog Exercise Areas Guidelines for Dog Exercise Areas

Guidelines for dog friendly areas

  • Dog owners must carry a lead at all times
  • Dog owners must be in control of their dog and have the ability to call their dog over and attach a lead if required
  • Clean up after your dog
  • Watch your dog around children, even a friendly dog can injure a child while playing
  • Be courteous to other dog owners (keeping in mind some dogs play alone or are undergoing training)
  • If your dog is social and likes to play with other dogs, please check with the other dog's owner first.

Dog exercise area map

This map shows the locations of off lead dog exercise areas marked with a dog symbol.  Areas not marked with a dog symbol mean dogs must remain on a lead at all times. 

Recent changes to dog exercise areas

We want to make sure everyone has the opportunity to enjoy time outdoors in Bayswater, whether they have four legs or two. To provide clarity for all park users, the City has redefined the boundaries of selected dog exercise areas. Feedback from various park users was taken on board: pet owners, walkers, sporting clubs, cyclists and playground users.

Dogs must be on lead when events or sporting activities are happening at an off lead park.

Riverside Gardens

The off lead dog exercise area of Riverside Gardens has been expanded to include the large open space at Riverside Gardens East. Dogs will now need to be on lead in the area West of the toilet block (near the playground and coffee van). You can still exercise your dog off the lead on the popular beach area at Riverside Gardens.

Bardon Park

The grassed open space area of Bardon Park near Fourth Avenue East is now a designated off lead dog exercise area. Dogs will need to be on lead in the rest of Bardon Park including the lake and playground areas.

Bert Wright Park

Dogs must  be kept on lead in all areas of Bert Wright Park.

Baigup Wetlands

Dogs can be walked on lead along the designated path only. Dogs are not permitted in any other part of this sensitive wetland area. 

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