Our Annual Budget is an estimate of income and expenses for each financial year. 

The Budget process begins in November when a clear plan between Council and the City’s administration is mapped out.  This process allows time to identify factors that can have an impact on the City's finances, hold Council workshops, and communicate the progress of the budget with the community.  

The Executive Leadership team, made up of the CEO and directors, then compile the Budget with branch managers and Financial Services; and present the draft budget to the Council.  

To adopt the Budget, a Special Meeting of Council is typically held on the last week of the financial year.  Residents will be notified of this meeting approximately three weeks in advance to give them the opportunity to provide feedback and ask questions to the Councillors and the Executive Leadership team.

The Budget is prepared in accordance with Australian Accounting Standards and interpretations of the Australian Accounting Standards Board and Local Government Act 1995.

2023/24 - Budget

2023/24 - Fees and Charges

2022/23 - budget

2022/23 - Fees and Charges

2021/22 - Budget

2021/22 - Fees and Charges

If you have any questions about the budget, contact the City on 9272 0622 or email mail@bayswater.wa.gov.au.

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