City of Bayswater Community Grants Program

  • The City of Bayswater's Community Grants Program is made up of four funding streams:

    1. Better Bayswater Grant
    2. Community Capital Requests
    3. Community Events Grants
    4. Donations

    Visit the links below for more information on each funding stream.

    Note: Applicants may apply for one of the four funding streams per financial year.

    The Community Grants Program funding streams are separate to other funding the City provides i.e. in-kind support for town centre events, seed funding for town centre events, fee waivers (as approved by Council) etc. Applicants are welcome to apply for other grants (outside the Community Grants Program), within the same financial year.

  • Applications for the next round of Better Bayswater Grant close Friday 30 September 2022.

    Better Bayswater Grant funding is available for projects or programs that address at least one of the three following priority areas:

    • Health and wellbeing

    These may include initiatives to reduce stress and anxiety or encourage physical activity by community members.

    •  Support for vulnerable people

    Programs and projects to support people experiencing social isolation, food insecurity, domestic violence or homelessness.

    • Community connection

    Programs and projects that encourage the development of networks to strengthen local communities and reduce social isolation.

    What funding is available?

    You can apply for up to $5,000 funding.

    Who can apply?

    To apply for the grant, you need to be a not-for-profit community group that is:

    • an incorporated association (if two groups are working together, only one needs to be incorporated)
    • with public liability insurance up to $20 million (or willing to get it). 

    Or, an individual that is operating under the auspice of a group as listed above.

    If you would like to know more about the Better Bayswater Grant, click on the attached documents or contact our Community Development team on 9270 4122 or 

    Better Bayswater Grant application form 

    Better Bayswater Grant Information Form 

    Better Bayswater Grant FAQs

    Better Bayswater Grant Auspice Form

  • Community Capital Works Requests Applications for 2023/24 - Coming soon

    This grant is offered annually as part of the Bayswater Grants Program for City of Bayswater community and sporting not for profit organisations planning to improve City-owned facilities and infrastructure.

    Applications open: Monday 31 October 2022

    Applications close: Friday 24 February 2023

    • Please note, all applications received are considered on a case by case basis and a received application does not guarantee funding.
    • All applications received will be assessed with funding for any approved projects considered as part of the 2023/24 budget.
    • If the organisation has a lease with the City, the organisation must obtain approval from the President or Executive Officer of the Association or Committee named in the lease agreement, prior to submitting an application.
    • Applicants are required to discuss its submission with a City Project Officer prior to seeking quotes and submitting an application.


    If you require further information, please contact Project Services on (08) 9208 2427 or at

  • The aim of the Community Events Grant is to increase the capacity of not-for-profit community groups, clubs or auspiced individuals/groups to deliver an event based in the City of Bayswater which is of benefit to City residents, businesses or both.

    Applications for the Community Events Grant are now open.

    Applications open: 9am Wednesday 17 August 2022

    Applications close: 4pm Wednesday 28 September 2022

    Community Events Grant Information Form 

    Application Form 


    Please return your completed form to the City of Bayswater:

    In person:         61 Broun Avenue, Morley 6062
    Post:                  PO Box 467 Morley, WA 6943

    If you require further information, please contact the City's Funding Contact Officer for the Community Events Grant on 9272 0622.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What type of funding opportunities does the City provide throughout the financial year under its Community Grants Program?

    The City has four types of funding streams under its Community Grants Program that the community can apply for throughout each financial year; Better Bayswater Grant, Donations, Capital Requests Grant and Community Events Grant. Information about these funding opportunities can be found on the City's website.

    When can I apply for the Community Events Grant?

    Applications open at 9am on Wednesday 17 August 2022 and close at 4pm on Wednesday 28 September 2022.

    Why does the City provide these Community Events Grants?

    The City values and strives to provide opportunities to partner with the community to deliver positive community outcomes which are consistent with, and complement, the City's strategic vision. The City encourages and supports the Community Events Grant funding to innovatively respond to social disadvantage, protection of the natural or built environment, partnerships, community development and capacity building.

    Why does the proposed event application need to provide a benefit to local businesses?

    Due to the impacts that COVID-19 has had on our community and local economy, the City of Bayswater is committed to supporting the recovery of its community and local businesses through an array of initiatives, including its Community Events Grants. The City has therefore made some amendments to its Community Events Grants criteria to ensure priority is given to grant applications that directly or indirectly assist in the recovery of local businesses.

    Can I apply for funding more than once in a financial year?

    Funds are only available to an organisation, club or group once per financial year across the City's four Community Grants Program funding categories, which are Better Bayswater Grant, Donations, Capital Requests Grant and Community Events Grant. If a group has already received funding this financial year under any one of those categories, they are ineligible to apply for any further City funding until next financial year. If an organisation has also received funding through the Major Town Centres Event Grant, they are also ineligible to apply for a Community Events Grant for that same event.

    If I have received previous funding from the City do I need to do anything different?

    If you have previously applied for funding from the City (i.e. Better Bayswater Grant, Donation or Capital Requests Grant) you will need to use the relevant Community Events Grant application form and understand the processes and criteria that apply to this specific grant. These can be found on the City's website, from City libraries or by contacting the relevant person on the number listed below.

    Is funding from the City's Community Grants Program separate to other City funding sources available?

    Yes. The four types of funding streams under the City's Community Grants Program; Better Bayswater Grant, Donations, Capital Requests Grant and Community Events Grant; are separate to other funding the City provides, i.e. in-kind support for town centre events, seed funding for town centre events, fee waivers (as approved by Council) etc.

    How long does it take to get a decision?

    Using new assessment and decision making criteria, funding decisions can usually be made within one month from the close of applications. If the amount requested is in excess of $5,000, it will require Council approval which will delay the assessment.

    If we are not incorporated, will that be a problem?

    This is not a problem; it just means you will need to partner with another group or organisation which is incorporated. We may be able to help you identify an appropriate partner organisation.

    How can I calculate in-kind/voluntary labour?

    Voluntary labour can be calculated at the following rates:
    Unskilled: $22/hour: General work is being undertaken where no recognised qualification is required.
    Skilled: $35/hour: A person with a recognised qualification specific to the work being undertaken e.g. tradesperson, chef, arborist etc.
    Professional: $50/hour: A person with a formal tertiary qualification specific to the work to be undertaken i.e. architectural, legal, engineering, surveying work or similar.

    I have more questions - who can I call to ask?

    If your question is not answered in the FAQ document, please contact the City's Funding Contact Officer for the Community Events Grant on (08) 9272 0622.

  • The City of Bayswater welcomes requests for donations from eligible persons, clubs or groups. If you would like to submit a request for a donation, your request must align to one or more of these categories:

    • Persons*/groups/local schools/sporting clubs/not-for-profit organisations
    • Community donations
    • Charities
    • Community club capital requests
    • Reduced charges for community venues.

    The City receives many donation requests each year and unfortunately it is not possible to support them all. Please note applying does not automatically guarantee the donation will be approved by the City. If you would like to apply for a donation, please complete the Donation Request Form and submit it to the City.

    Community Donations - Information and Application Form

    If you are seeking an individual donation for a City of Bayswater resident attending a representative event, please complete a Donation Request Form - for Individuals below.

    Donation Request Application Form - for Individuals

    Please return your completed form to the City of Bayswater:

    In person:         61 Broun Avenue, Morley 6062
    Post:                  PO Box 467 Morley, WA 6943

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