2020 Council Meeting dates

Ordinary Council Meetings start at 6.30pm and are held at the City of Bayswater Civic Centre, 61 Broun Avenue, Morley unless otherwise advertised. All members of the community are welcome to attend.

28 January7 July 
11 February21 July
25 February11 August
10 March25 August
24 March8 September
7 April22 September
21 April13 October
12 May27 October
26 May10 November
9 June24 November
23 June8 December


Special Council Meetings

Special Council meetings are held on an as-needs basis throughout the year, in response to issues as they arise.

All members of the public are welcome to attend Council Meetings, but not take part in debate.

Annual Electors Meetings

The Annual Electors meeting date is set when the Annual Report is adopted by Council and is generally held in December each year.

The Annual Electors Meetings agenda includes:

  • Annual Report for the previous financial year
  • General business.

All decisions made at an Annual Electors Meetings are to be considered at the next Ordinary Council Meeting.

2019 AGM details

Minor Committees

Minor Committee Meetings are held on an as-needs basis throughout the year, in response to issues relating to the Committee as they arise.

The City's Minor Committees include:

  • Aboriginal Advisory Committee
  • Aged Care Governance Committee
  • Audit and Risk Management Committee
  • Community Access and Inclusion Advisory Committee
  • Chief Executive Officer Review Committee
  • Heritage Advisory Committee
  • Policy Review and Development Committee.
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