Plants and Gardens

Plants and Gardens Plants and Gardens

The City of Bayswater is committed to increasing our urban tree canopy and being water-wise. As a resident, you can contribute to greening our City by growing more trees and plants in your own garden. 

The City encourages residents to plant native gardens. By planting native flora, you use less water and fertiliser. To find out more information on native plants, please view our local native plants guide

The City also encourages the planting of edible gardens. Edible gardens are not only sustainably friendly but encourage healthy living. The City recently introduced a policy for edible pocket gardens in community parks and reserves. To find out more information about edible pocket gardens, please visit the parks webpage.

Planting Healthy Gardens Planting Healthy Gardens

Gardening Tips

Soil is the foundation of a healthy garden. In Bayswater, the majority of our soil is sandy which doesn't hold water and nutrients well. Here are some tips on how to improve your soil:

  • Apply a soil improver with a wetting agent
  • The best time to improve soil is when planting, or at the start of winter and summer
  • Plant roots only reach down 30cm into soil, so there is no need to apply compost, soil improvers or wetting agents any deeper than that
  • Use 5-10cm of water-wise mulch
  • Always water in wetting agents until they foam (which means they have activated)
  • Add compost for healthy plant growth, such as:
    • Animal manures
    • Worm farm residue
    • Bagged soil improver
    • Soil conditioners
  • Add soil amendments to improve water and nutrient holding capacity.

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