The Platform

The Platform (2019 - 2023) is the City's first Youth Action Plan. 

Developed in partnership with our Youth Advisory Council, the plan is based on the findings of a four month engagement process working with nearly 400 people including young people working, studying or living in the community, parents, caregivers, youth agencies and schools.

Through this process, we learned that the three biggest issues people aged 12 - 25 are facing right now are:

  • Education and employment
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Community connection

The Platform is here to make sure the youth events, initiatives and programs we offer help to address those issues and ensure young people have a voice in our community. We will also be able to better connect people with the services, groups and education providers they need to build a sustainable future in the City of Bayswater.

The above issues were initially themes to be addressed over a two year timeframe within The Platform 2019 – 2021. However, given the impacts the COVID-19 pandemic has had on young people, the above three themes will remain relevant beyond the 2021 timeframe. As a result, a new timeframe of 2019-2023 for The Platform was recently confirmed. 

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The Platform

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