FOGO for Residents of Multi-Unit Developments

Get Ready to FOGO

Starting in March 2021 the City is moving to a Food Organics Garden Organics (FOGO) waste service as part of a statewide program. When the service starts, residents will be able to place food organics and other compostable items in their FOGO kerbside bin (lime-green lid) along with garden waste. The waste in the FOGO bin will be turned into compost, instead of being taken to landfill, which will reduce greenhouse gases and minimise future landfill costs.

When will I get the FOGO service?

If you already have a kerbside collection with wheelie bins, you will move to FOGO in Phase 1 - from March 2021. This includes single houses and multi-unit developments - property development projects where more than one dwelling is built on a single lot, such as groups of townhouses, apartments, units or villas.

If you live in a multi-unit development with a shared onsite bulk bin collection, your FOGO service will start later, in Phase 2 (date to be confirmed).

The City will contact strata managers and caretakers of multi-unit developments to assess their waste management requirements and work with them on a case-by-case basis to provide a FOGO service. Though the City is aware that many residents are eagerly looking forward to the FOGO service, it is necessary to roll it out in two phases, to ensure the transition is as smooth as possible.

What will change?

When the FOGO services starts, your bin sizes and bin collection day will stay the same, but the frequency of collections will change:

  • the FOGO bin (lime-green lid) will be collected every week, instead of fortnightly
  • the general waste bin (red lid) will be collected fortnightly, instead of weekly
  • the recycling bin (yellow lid) will continue to be collected fortnightly.

The red and yellow lid bins will be collected on alternate fortnights: 

Week One: FOGO bin and Recycling bin. Week Two: FOGO bin and general waste bin.

Ordering additional FOGO bins

Does your group of units, townhouses or villas have enough lime-green lidded bins to go FOGO?

Here are some ways you can order an additional bin(s):

For each case the City will determine how many additional bins are required, using a calculator tool (based on volumes recommended by the state government) and will assess available storage and verge space for the bins. After that, we will update you about how many bins you will receive. We will also contact your strata company - if you have one, and if we have their details - to let them know. This may take some time, as City of Bayswater has many multi-unit developments, but we will advise you of the outcome as soon as possible.

Repair/replacement of existing bins

If you currently have a green waste bin with an older-style brown lid, you can order a replacement lid. Or if your bin has an insert and vent holes we will replace it with a new lime-green lid FOGO bin. There is no fee for these.

To book bin repairs you can:

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