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Stay fit for for life with the City's new free exercise program.

Mar 05 2019

We know it's important to look after our health as we get older, however things like time, money and ease of access can get in the way of a regular excise routine. Recognising this, the City is keen to improve access to quality fitness programs for older adults close to home.

Our new program, Fit for Life, will offer free exercise classes to adults over 55 at Bayswater and Morley Community Centres. Yoga, ballroom dancing, tai chi, bowls and circuit sessions will soon be available as part of this six week program.

Classes will be professionally run, social, and most importantly, fun. The sessions are tailored to the needs of older adults, with a focus on improving balance, flexibility, coordination, strength and overall mobility. We're also hoping to set up a regular walking group that will continue to run throughout the year.

Fit for Life is set to launch in late April, so I encourage you to keep an eye on the City's website and Facebook page for updates. 

Mayor Dan Bull

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