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Students lead environmental change

Mar 19 2019

Budding environmentalists will be out in force next month, greening our City with their own peer-led projects. Green Lab is an environmental action program that puts local students in charge of a patch of land near their school.

Kids will learn from experts at a two day 'lab' at Lightening Swamp Bushland, before planning their own real-world sustainability initiative. It could be anything from a tree planting program to a native garden, or water-quality improvement program. They will pitch their idea to a panel of experts, and then put it into action over the next twelve months.

We're bringing Green Lab to Bayswater for the first time this year, inviting 100 students to participate. These are the change-makers of our future, and I'm looking forward to seeing their creative ideas. Green Lab is a partnership with the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions and Millennium Kids.

In other good news, our Russell Street Park project has been shortlisted for the Waterwise Council Community Choice Awards. You can read more about the project and vote by heading to the Water Corporation website.

Cr Chris Cornish


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