New guidelines streamline the process for mobile food vendors

Food vendors looking to operate in the City will relish a new streamlined process.

New guidelines streamline the process for mobile food vendors
Aug 25 2022

Council has approved new guidelines for mobile food operators in the City in a bid to reduce red tape and simplify the process.

Mayor Filomena Piffaretti said food trucks are popular with visitors and bring vibrancy to the City’s parks and open spaces. 

“The new guidelines have been developed to assist small businesses to operate throughout the City by streamlining the process. The City is keen to support local businesses,” she said.

In March 2022 Council endorsed the outcomes of an investigation into the way the City handles mobile food vendors following a Notice of Motion by Councillor Josh Eveson.

“The new guidelines have removed the Expression of Interest (EOI) process for popular Crimea Reserve. The removal of the EOI process will significantly streamline the application process and reduce the amount of time it takes mobile food operators to submit an application.

“There are no restrictions on the number of food trucks allowed to operate at Bardon Park, Crimea Reserve or Riverside Gardens. 

“It is important everyone does their bit for the environment so food truck operators are now required to use fully compostable serving ware including plates, bowls, food containers, cups, straws and cutlery. They will also need to display signage directing customers to dispose of compostable items in the appropriate waste bin.

“The new guidelines now cover the sale of food from both vehicles and stalls. Food vendors are also able to play music from their vans.

“Under the new guidelines, food trucks now have 13 locations to operate from across the City. They are AP Hinds Reserve, Bardon Park, Beaufort Park, Bert Wright Park, Broun Park, Clarkson Reserve, Claughton Reserve, Berringa Park, Crimea Reserve, Riverside Gardens, Robert Thompson Reserve, Shearn Memorial Park and Wymond Park. Other locations will also be considered upon request.”

Pictured: What The Flip food van owner Islam Bouyahia with Councillor Josh Eveson.

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