Have your say on new skate park art

The City is seeking community feedback on the inclusion of public art at the new skate and BMX facility.

Have your say on new skate park art
Jul 25 2022

The City invites the community to share their thoughts on public art to be included as part of the new Bayswater skate and BMX facility, anticipated to open in September.

Public art is a great opportunity for the City to recognise and celebrate the local history and cultural links to the skate park’s location at Wotton Reserve. The reserve is located on Noongar land with ties to both Dutch and Mauritian heritage through local sporting clubs that use the facilities. 

Skate park and reserve users, community groups and residents are all invited to submit feedback on the type of art, possible locations and heritage themes they think should be included by completing an online survey. The community may like to consider a range of types of public art including lighting, structural, pictorial, planting and landscaping, or even sound.

Feedback gathered from the initial stage of engagement will be used to inform the next stage and help shape how art will be integrated into the new facility.

The City received a $2.5 million grant from the Public Transport Authority of Western Australia for the relocation of the existing facility to make way for the future Morley train station multi-storey car park.

Public art is part of the grant agreement, which requests the City consider opportunities for reflecting both the local history of the existing Wotton Reserve Skate Park and the METRONET Public Art , ‘Gnarla Biddi’ within the new facility.

The City is preparing to open the new skate and BMX facility in spring, with progress on a range of elements underway, including the skate bowls.

Have your say online at the City's Engage Bayswater website or by completing a hard copy survey at the Civic Centre or any of the City’s three libraries.

Submissions close 9am, Monday 15 August 2022.

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