Crime Prevention and Security

Security Watch Service

The City of Bayswater offers a 24 hour Security Watch Service. Our Security Watch Service is available seven days a week to all members of the community. 

The City endeavours to provide a quick response to each call for assistance, however there may be times where you will also require police attendance. 

Our officers attend a variety of calls on a daily basis, including:

  • Disorderly conduct
  • Loitering 
  • Burgulary ( Security Patrols)
  • Anti-social behaviour (such as suspicious persons and vehicles).

The Security Watch Service also provides additional benefits for the community, such as: 

  • Reporting of residential and industrial graffiti
  • Providing extra patrols for residents going on holiday
  • All our patrol officers hold a first aid certificate and can offer emergency first aid until professional help arrives
  • Assisting council and government authorities in identifying and reporting maintenance requirements and hazards within our City
  • Patrols of local retirement homes
  • General enforcement of local laws
  • Responding to calls from police for assistance in emergencies.

Should you wish to use this service contact our Rangers and Security:

  • Phone: 9272 0972, (Monday to Friday between 8am - 4pm)
  • 1300 360 333 (after hours)
  • Email:
Holiday Watch Holiday Watch

Holiday Watch Service 

The City's Rangers and Security provides patrols for residents going away on holiday.

Security Officers can patrol the front of your home while you are away, though Security Officers cannot enter the property. 

Should you wish to use this service contact our Ranger and Security team:

  • Phone 9272 0972, (Monday to Friday between 8am - 4pm)
    • 1300 360 333 (after hours)
  • Email


The City of Bayswater has a large number of security cameras placed throughout the City to monitor:

  • Theft
  • Anti-social behaviour
  • Suspicious behaviour.

Security camera footage can only be released to WA Police.

City of Bayswater CCTV Strategy 2018-2028

If you choose to purchase a CCTV  system for your property, ensure you use a licensed CCTV installer.  Visit the the Security Agents Institute of Western Australia's website for a consumer guide.


If you see graffiti within the City, you can report it to our Rangers and Security:

Community Safety and Crime Prevention Plan

The City is committed to ensuring the City is a great place to live, work and visit. In order to achieve this, the City has implemented a Community Safety and Crime Prevention Plan.

You can report information about criminal activity to Crime Stoppers by:

Safety Tips

Going on Holiday

Going on holiday can be an amazing experience. However, coming back and finding your house has been burgled is never ideal. These are some useful tips to help keep your home and possessions secure while you are away: 

  • Turn down the ring volume on your home phone
  • Mark valuables with your drivers licence number
  • Lock tools away and ensure items that can be used to break in are also locked away
  • Disconnect power to your garage door
  • Let your neighbours know you are going away
  • If you are going away for an extended period, consider redirecting your mail
  • Have a friend or relative check your home periodically
  • Put your inside lights on a timer
  • Ensure all windows and doors are locked and secure.

Home-owners and occupiers can make some small changes to their property which can deter thieves. 


Motion lighting is an effective way to deter potential offenders. These can be placed at the front, side and rear of your property and will detect any movement at night.


CCTV is getting cheaper and it is now more achievable for homeowners to use quality cameras to capture footage of potential offenders. Cameras can also be useful at night to view the outside of your home if you think someone may be on your property.

Trees and Bushes

Consider trimming back tree branches and bushes to improve visibility from the road. This will increase the natural surveillance of your property.


Consider locking entry gates, sheds and meter boxes (to prevent the power to your home being turned off).

Clear House Number

Having your house number clearly marked on the curb (reflective numbers) can assist emergency services finding your home in case of an emergency.


Some people hide their spare house keys in the garden, however many offenders will search for them. Consider leaving them with a family member, or install digital door locks which only require a code, rather than a key.


Arrange for your mail to be held by Australia Post or collected by someone if you go away for an extended period of time.


Having a dog is a useful method of deterrence and a dog barking decreases your risk of being burgled.


Make sure you secure entry points to your home, especially at the front of your home. Lock front door and install a doorbell for guests.

Security Screens

Consider installing security screens to doors and windows.

A residential burglary brochure is also available by calling the City of Bayswater Security on 1300 360 333.


If you cannot park your vehicle in a garage, protect your vehicle by:

  • Not leaving any valuables inside (remove coins, GPS unit, mobile phones etc.)
  • Making sure all doors are locked
  • Ensuring all windows are completely up
  • Not leaving your keys in the car, even for short period of time.
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