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    Electronic Attendance Policy [PDF]March 2023Policies
    This Policy establishes parameters for requests for electronic attendance at meetings and the expectations of Council and Committee members attending meetings electronically in relation to equipment and location.
    Payment to Employees in Addition to a Contract or Award Provision Policy [PDF]March 2023Policies
    This policy sets out the circumstances in which the City of Bayswater (the City) will pay an employee who is ceasing employment at the City, an amount in addition to any amount to which the employees is entitled to under a contract of employment, industrial instrument, or as ordered by a Court or Tribunal and the matter of assessment of the additional amount.
    This Policy is to ensure compliance with Section 5.50 of the Local Government Act 1995, which requires all Local Governments to adopt a Policy relating to payment in addition to contact or award to employees who are leaving the Local Government.
    Anniversary Recognitions Policy [PDF]March 2023Policies
    Guidelines for anniversary and birthday recognition for Bayswater residents
    Sundry Debt Collection and Recovery Policy [PDF]March 2023Policies
    This policy states the Councils position to ensure the efficient and effective recovery of outstanding sundry debtors while maintaining quality customer service.
    Corporate Credit Card Policy [PDF]March 2023Policies
    To set out the business practices for effective use of Corporate Credit Cards in the City's operations..
    Extended Street Verge Policy [PDF]March 2023Policies
    This policy provides guidance on how residents can improve verge areas adjacent to land owned and / or managed by utility providers and State agencies.
    Procurement Policy [PDF]January 2023Policies
    The Citys' commitment to transparency and good governance in procurement practices.
    Execution of Documents and use of Common Seal Policy [PDF]January 2023Policies
    To establish procedures for:
    a) Affixing the City’s common seal; and
    b) Determining whether a document is executed by way of common seal or signed by an authorised employee.
    Contract Management Policy [PDF]January 2023Policies
    To support the City’s Procurement Policy.
    Temporary Employment or Appointment of a CEO Policy [PDF]January 2023Policies
    To provide for the employment of a CEO for periods of less than one year, and to also provide for the appointment of one of the City’s Directors as Acting CEO during any limited absences of the CEO.
    Signage Policy [PDF]December 2022Policies
    To provide guidance on the display and erection of signs, to ensure that any signage relates to the uses, services and products on the site whilst maintaining the local amenity and public safety.
    Trees on Private Land and Street Verges Policy [PDF]December 2022Policies
    To outline the requirements for providing, maintaining, protecting and removing trees on private land
    and within the street verge. These requirements outline obligations applicable to the landowner
    associated with the development of land in the City of Bayswater.
    To increase the tree canopy and improve the neighbourhood amenity, character and sense of place.
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