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    Signage Policy []December 2022Policies
    Trees on Private Land and Street Verges Policy []December 2022Policies
    Councillor Complaints Policy [PDF]October 2022Policies
    Councillor Complaints Policy
    Sports Turf Maintenance Policy [PDF]September 2022Policies
    This policy states the Council's position on consistent and equitable ways of providing specialist turf surfaces and more appropriately apportioning the costs of this to the recipient clubs.
    Waivers, Concessions and Definitions for Fees and Charges Policy [PDF]September 2022Policies
    The City of Bayswater (the City) may waiver fees or grant concessions to support not-for-profit community groups and schools and to promote the City in a fair and equitable manner.
    CEO Performance Review Policy [PDF]September 2022Policies
    CEO Performance Review Policy
    Significant Tree Register for Private Land Guidelines [PDF]September 2022Policies
    Significant Tree Register for Private Land Policy []September 2022Policies
    Community Facility Lease and License / User Agreement Policy [PDF]June 2022Policies
    To provide a structured and consistent approach to the management of Council's lease and licence/user agreements with not-for-profit organisations and sporting and recreational groups for the use of community facilities.
    Urban Tree Planting and Maintenance Policy [PDF]June 2022Policies
    This policy provides guidance on how trees will be planted, maintained and cared for on City-managed land.
    Strategic Budget Policy [PDF]June 2022Policies
    The policy sets out clear principles and guidelines that govern strategic budget making at the City.
    Grants Program Policy [PDF]June 2022Policies
    This Policy intends to strategically guide the implementation of the Bayswater Grant Program which will be underpinned by a management practice for each grant funding stream that will address; purpose, scope, eligibility, assessment, funding conditions, grant conditions, marketing and promotion and review.
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