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    Payments to Independent Members of Committees and Advisory Groups Policy [PDF]January 2024Policies
    Payments to Independent Members of Committees and Advisory Groups Policy
    Fraud, Corruption and Integrity Policy [PDF]October 2023Policies
    This policy establishes the City of Bayswater’s (the City) commitment to effective fraud and corruption risk management and the promotion of a culture of integrity.
    Loan Borrowing Policy [PDF]October 2023Policies
    To provide guidance for the prudent borrowing of funds to ensure:
    - transparent and accountable decision-making by the City; and
    - the City’s financial resources are appropriately managed.
    Cash Backed Reserves Policy [PDF]October 2023Policies
    To provide a strategic framework for the establishment and utilisation of Financial (Cash-Backed) Reserves.
    People, Culture and Safety Policy [PDF]October 2023Policies
    This policy sets out the human resources principles and expectations as it relates to the management of employees.
    Cyber Security Policy [PDF]July 2023Policies
    To protect the City of Bayswater's (the City) ICT assets and ensure cyber security best practice standards.
    ICT Business Continuity Policy [PDF]July 2023Policies
    To ensure continuity of business in the event of failure or loss of primary ICT infrastructure.
    Rates and Charges Collection Policy [PDF]July 2023Policies
    This policy outlines the City of Bayswater's position for efficient and effective collection of rates and charges and reimbursements.
    Rate Exemption Policy [PDF]July 2023Policies
    To ensure a consistent and objective approach to rate exemptions under the Local Government Act 1995.
    Investment Policy [PDF]July 2023Policies
    The Investment Policy sets out the requirements for the management of the City's cash and investment portfolio.
    Grants Program Policy [PDF]July 2023Policies
    This Policy intends to strategically guide the implementation of the Bayswater Grant Program which will be underpinned by a management practice for each grant funding stream that will address; purpose, scope, eligibility, assessment, funding conditions, grant conditions, marketing and promotion and review.
    Naming of Buildings and Infrastructure Policy [PDF]July 2023Policies
    To outline the City of Bayswater's requirements, in support of the consistent approach for the naming of parks, reserves, streets and infrastructure as set out by the Geographic Names Committee Policies and Standards for Geographical Naming in Western Australia.
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